ANNOUNCEMENT: New Essays Section added to the site


"In his brief life Vygotsky observed that the very process of writing one’s thoughts leads individuals to refine those thoughts and to discover new ways of thinking." (Wolf, 2008, p 73)

A new section can be found underneath the Topics drop down menu. There is now a link for Essay and Presentations. Each of the essays will reflect a Wittgensteinian approach to language, literacy, and learning. In particular, the essays seek to tease out the pedagogical implications of Wittgenstein's philosophy and related theorists and practitioners. At times, the essays will explicitly discuss the writings of Ludwig Wittgenstein. At other times, the essays will reflect the spirit of Wittgenstein's philosophical themes. (For a summary of the site's interpretation, please see Why Wittgenstein?, the Introduction and Initial Notes).

To get started, you will find a link to the essay, Language and literacy are learned with steady guidance from others. Regular visitors will notice that the essay first appeared as a journal entry on 2 January. The essay has been revisited, edited and revised. 

More to come! Please explore.