Recently Added Readings

How can one explain the expression, transmit one’s comprehension? Ask yourself: How does one lead anyone to comprehension? ... The answer to this tells us how meaning is explained.
— Wittgenstein, Philosophical Investigations, #533

The Recently Added Readings is dedicated to sharing readings which are considered to provide Wittgensteinian commentary on language, literacy and learning. This includes the writings of Ludwig Wittgenstein, about Wittgenstein and his philosophy, and those in the spirit of his philosophy. The Recently Added Readings serves a few purposes. First, it provides a list of the most recent references added to the site (often listed here before they find their way into the alphabetic or topic lists). Second, it is linked to a research group with Mendeley (a desktop, web and mobile Reference Manager app). Mendeley is basically a reference manager with the added ability to create private and public research groups to share references and to facilitate discussion. Third, I invite visitors to join and/or follow the Reading/Reference Group on Mendeley, which allows members to post comments and their own readings. At the time of writing (22/04/14), the Reading Group - A Wittgensteinian View of Language, Literacy and Learning - was the first one on Mendeley to be dedicated a Wittgensteinian perspective. Please explore.