The Learning Tree (Part One): an exploration of development

1. Every drop of water feeds the emerging plant.

2. To sustain a plant, it requires regular water, plenty of sun, and the right nutrients.

3. Pollute the soil, sour the growth and mutate the plant.

4. Even with the best soil and regular watering, the plant cannot thrive without sunlight.

5. A garden - though made of natural things - is shaped (or cultivated). We shouldn't forget that its order is not reflected in the natural world, though the natural world may be its inspiration.

6. There are those malicious souls who find no harm in pulling up a plant by its roots.

7. Whilst a general rule of thumb pertains to the needs of a plant, this does not mean we shouldn't be sensitive to the unique needs of individual species and their habitats. 

8. Different plants have different growth requirements (e.g. different soils, growth rates, flowering and fruiting, and levels of sun)

9. A good weeding of the garden is well worth the effort.

10. When the tree grows it branches outward, extends upward, and feeds its base, it invests in its future.

+ There are no quick fixes. Time and care are the realities. And the careful hand of the gardener is vigilant to protect its cherubs from the pests and weather that loom and swirl.