The Pursuit of Knowledge - for a Clear View

Wittgenstein emphasised that thinking is subject of the will, and that philosophy is a tool to avoid bewitchment. It is important to emphasise the significance of knowledge as a core dimension on this website. 

When people speak about language, literacy, numeracy and even learning, they tend to focus on skills and processes and competences, which do not necessarily engage with the content of understanding the world.  

In my opinion, Wittgenstein was constantly grappling with the question of understanding the world, from the opening lines of the Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus  ('the world is all that is the case") to the preoccupation with world pictures in On Certainty. He often asked his readers to investigate "what is the case" or "what is the state of affairs".

Therefore, I want to reinforce the sheer challenge that a learner is presented with when he or she must take the time to imagine, synthesise and build a picture of what really is going on in the investigation of any phenomena placed in the path.