Join/Follow the Wittgenstein On Learning Reading Group

Not too long ago, I was looking for a Reference Manager to help organise readings from past and current research. Whilst quite a number of programs suited the purpose (e.g. Sente, Zotero), I eventually went with Mendeley since the interface was pretty intuitive and it was quite easy to access the reference library on web, desktop and mobile devices. 

More recently, I discovered an added benefit: the ability to create/share public reading groups. Consequently, I have created a Reading/Research group that includes all present and future references/readings that appear on this website. The Reading Group is dedicated to sharing readings which are considered to provide Wittgensteinian commentary on language, literacy and learning. This includes the writings of Ludwig Wittgenstein and those in the spirit of his philosophy (as is explained in site's Introduction).

The Reading Group serves a few purposes. First, the Recently Added Readings linked on this site provides an embedded list of the most recent references added to the site/group (often listed on the linked page before they find their way into the alphabetic or topic lists). Second, the Recently Added Reading page is linked to the research group with Mendeley. If you are already a Mendeley user, I encourage you to follow/join the reading/research group. If you are not a Mendeley user, I invite you to investigate how to sign up to follow the group. Third, I openly encourage people to become members of the Reading/Reference Group, which allows individuals to post comments and their own readings. At the time of writing (22/04/14), the Reading Group was the first one on Mendeley to be dedicated a Wittgensteinian perspective. 

To be honest, I first created the public group as a quick way to provide the most up-to-date list of what I have been reading that expresses a Wittgensteinian perspective on language, literacy and learning. If it so happens that a community of followers and members develops, then I am more than happy to curate the group and for the reading group to take a life of its own. Welcome and explore!